Commiting suicide

Written by alejo on November 15th, 2007

On the last game I played (i.e. a couple of weeks ago) against Mr. Mk, I was pressing from all sides one of his floating groups till he made it live. As you may have noticed, when you press from all sides, you usually create a few weak connections or stones or even groups.

Another bad habit I suffer is my lack of time management. I don’t use as much time as I would need on important spots and leave it for the the endgame, where there are little amounts of points to be played, and therefore I sometimes find myself committing suicide in the middle-game.

On the left side you can already see what happened. I was playing white here and managed to get 2 empty triangles in an incredible small space… For some reason, by opponent failed to see the way to punish the white move at A10.

Can you see it?

I’m pretty sure that you are able to kill white from this position, mainly because white has committed suicide. But… What would have happened if white had played properly?

White lives. Yes, white makes it and manages to live. In fact, I’ve been studying this tsumego for a while and I’m pretty sure that white can’t be killed if black starts attacking at A9.

On the other hand… if Black starts his attack by playing at A8, white is dead… or not?

You can explore some branches starting with the attack at A9 and A8. By the way, thank you to xed_over, who commented on a mistake I made on one of the branches.