Stonebase 4.0 released

Written by alejo on November 1st, 2007

30th October 2007, this was the day when Stonebase 4.0 was released. Most of the interested people have already seen the beta version on a video made by a German Go player, where it showed some good features which were to come.

This is the list of the improvements in this version:

  • New: Board Skin, can help you customize board style for display and share.
  • New: Game Print, now can print single game or games from database.
  • New: Unlimited Undo/Redo for game edit.
  • New: Support the QQ game file(*.WGS).
  • Improved: Add “Customize” option to show move number function.
  • Improved: Removed “opening pattern” functions, because this incomplete, immature?
  • Bug Fixed: Some confusion in used guess move.
  • Bug Fixed: Conflict with guess move and next move hint.
  • Bug Fixed: Problems in transform ‘BIG5’ encoding text?
  • Other improvements and adjustments.

It feels a little bit strange to realise that they’ve deleted the “opening pattern” function, though it seems reasonable if you had ever tried it.

What strikes me the most are the board and stone skins. Simply amazing. I totally agree with VincentV: “… eventually Stonebase will rule the Go-world”. So currently, we only have to find a solution while waiting for that “eventually”.


  • Alejo

    Um… I’ve seen this post commented on the chinese site. I know you are reading this!!
    Unfortunatelly, I can’t read chinese, but I’ve seen you are already working on version 4.1.1. I’d be glad to test it… if only it wasn’t in chinese.
    Now I’m a little bit occupied, but I intend to retake the world of the software reviews whenever I have some spare time (which I won’t until 20th January, sorry).

    I’ve used Google’s translation and it said something like “the owner of this blog is….” and then google couldn’t translate the last word.