What are those dans playing?

Written by alejo on November 30th, 2007

The more dan-level games I watch, the less Go I know. That is the conclusion I’ve reached after a few weeks of contemplation. I guess most DDK and SDK think about this occasionally. One may even start to think that these dan players are crazy and it’s not a proper way to play. But the kifu from some oriental tournaments come into our hands and we realise that we are the ones who are mistaken. On the right side you can see a game which I just watched on KGS. I guess it is against every single basic concept I adquired when I started playing. Though it’s played on a 10 seconds byoyomi, the game shouldn’t have gone too far from the traditional way of playing (that was what I expected), and, from the very first move, the players start breaking concepts. There is some crosscut, which is not bad, but on the 7th move we can already see how white breakes the traditional “extend after a crosscut”. And the show goes on and on for the whole game.


  • aj

    i really like the new eidogo player. It actually works.

  • Alejo

    Yes, I like it too. Specially the interaction possibilities…

  • Err.. The diagram is on right!

    I like the way it integrates in the page.

    Only thing EidoGo needs is good display of the game tree. Something on the lines of CGoban or http://www.goproblems.com

  • Alejo

    Yes… diagram is on the right… um….

    Eidogo needs a good display of the game tree but it’s the best game tree available right now for websites.

    The problem is that it requires the 100kb file loaded on each head…

  • Robert Solovay

    I wasn’t able to see the game you reference in “What are these Dans playing”. Can you give the location on the KGS site where I can find it?

  • Alejo

    It’s on the extended view of the article, so as not to load it on the homepage.
    You just have to click on the “continue reading” you’ll see at the bottom of the article or in the title of the article.