2014 Barcelona Go Tournament

Written by alejo on March 1st, 2014

gobanAfter being unable to attend to the Kisei-parallel tournament held in Madrid in January, I was pleased to take part in the Barcelona go tournament. However, since many players had just found each other in Madrid, the final amount of players in Barcelona was shorter than previous years.

Currently playing as a 5 kyu in KGS, and according to this table, I should register myself as an EGF 9 k. In the end, after a brief talk with the organization, they suggested me to register with my currently EGF ranking: 10 kyu. “I’d win easily the first games and rank up”… and I believed them. Once there I found out that players around 5 KGS had registered themselves as 8-11k.

Main time was 60 minutes plus 5 byoyomi periods of 20 seconds, 5 rounds in a MacMahon system.

The first game was against another 10 kyu, which means nothing since he had been training recently with some 3d. I started with a Kobayashi fuseki, misread a sequence in the upper right corner and managed to get two weak groups. My initial counting during the middle game made me realise I was losing by, aprox., 20 points. After trying some kamikaze reduction, I resigned.

The second game was against a 9k. I was to face an avalanche joseki for the first time. Luckily enough, I had just glanced at it during the previous week and my opponent didn’t get a good result. I got a big corner on the lower side but allowed my opponent to build a huge moyo at the upper left corner. After counting, my black was leading for something like 25 points, so I had to invade the corner. Certainly too late. There was some potential aji to exploit after move 140, black defence with move 159 was the mistake which allowed me to reduce his moyo.

The third game was against a 13k, without handicap. There was a significant difference in reading ability, so I won the game. With this victory, the result was already better than my previous performance at a tournament (1 victory out of 4 games).

The forth round, played on Sunday, was against a 12 kyu. A friend of mine was in charge of recording the game… he lost track of our moves around move 50. My opponent was playing a fast game, but made some reading mistakes. Being used to playing fast games on the internet, I could keep the pace and gain profit from his reading mistakes.

The last and best of all the games was held against another user from Lifein19x19, ranked as 9 kyu. As I had previously talked to him, I already know his weakness and he knew mines. In fact, he even started with a Kobayashi fuseki and I played an inappropriate avalanche sequence in response. This joseki left me facing his stones and allowed me to further exploit the aji of move 18. I assumed the game to favour me till black invaded my moyo. I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to kill, so I chased him around the board, trying to help my weak group around the right side. This game made me realise the importance of having sente. If you check the game, you’ll realise that black has sente all over the game with white being very submissive. White’s yose was awfull, specially move 178, where both of us laughed at my stupidity. However, I managed to pull a nice endgame tesuji with move 188 and lost some points with move 204. Though this recording is incomplete, you can watch most of the game. The final result was: Black wins by 1.5 points.

I haven’t won a single game since I came back from the tournament (¿?)

Update: I lost four games in a row after the tournament… but I’m back to my normal win/lose ratio

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Tokyo Newcomer

Written by alejo on February 6th, 2014

thumbsupDirected by Qingmin Jiang, this Go-related drama was released last year. Due to the frustration caused by “the Go master”, I was very sceptical about watching any other Go-related film. Though it’s Go-related, the specific moves of each game are not shown but one, so anyone who isn’t a Go player may enjoy it. However, I think Go players will enjoy this one much more than “the Go master”, specially by the end of the game, when a certain move plays a nice role in the plot.

A certain user uploaded the full version (100 min)  with English subtitles to youtube. Searching for it is disabled so you won’t find it with any searching engine.