Automatic sgf creation from a game

Written by alejo on February 12th, 2015

softwareDuring the last few years players have been struggling in order to get their games recorded in tournaments. Though dan players memorise them in-game, kyus may not be able to do so, yet. I’m joining a tournament in a couple of weeks. Instead of studying go, I’ve done some research about how to record my games. Well, actually recording them by myself on the phone isn’t a good idea. Saving every move on my phone during the game actually drains my concentration, so it’s discarded. Let’s look at the actual solutions right now:

1.Photokifu:  a windows software which allows you to create sgf files from pictures. Though you may manage to get an sgf file created, it’s not as easy at is seems. Board edges should be parallel to the photo margins. You have to remove the duplicated pictures before submitting it into the program. However, there is the neat function of discovering more than one move at once. All in all, it’ll take you some patience in order to get good results.


2.Kifu snap for android: take a picture from the board and it’ll calculate the score, it won’t generate any sgf files. This program will force you to join its subscription system and then, if you don’t like it, cancel out within the first 10 days. It won’t open my phone’s camera. Unfortunately, there is no way I can give it less than 1 star on Google Play.

3.Imago: a thesis on go image recognition from Tomas Musil. It’ll work on unix systems and you may need some configuration.

4. Kifu: a project back from 2009. Abandoned. Files not publicly available

5.Photokifu for iphone: I don’t have an iphone. Discarded.

For this tournament, I’m going to try Photokifu. I’ll have a tripod by the table with my cell phone on it. Taking a picture every X seconds (still not decided) with time lapse apps. I’ve checked that a picture every 4 seconds during an hour on airplane mode drains 10% of the battery. Nice. This will generate hundreds of  pictures. With Photoshop I’ll batch crop and resize the picture to show only the board. Then run a script to remove duplicate images. Finally, use Photokifu with the resulting images.

Yes, I know, this looks far away from automatic. I’d better learn to memorise them during the game. I just hope I don’t end up just manually checking every 10 images and creating the SGF by myself.

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Rabbity shape is alive!!

Written by alejo on February 7th, 2015
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