Written by alejo on September 21st, 2010
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Wii-berration: game adapted for Wii in a way that turns enjoyable classic games into a morally painful experience

Since Wii hype was derived from its motion-based controllers, some games have been modified in order to be able to use Wii’s main virtue. During the last months I’ve tried some Wii versions of classical videogames… with fustrating results, so Wii’s main virtue is actually stopping me from having fun with certain games. Actually, it’s very annoying to find some games so changed, their fun has totally vanished.

Pro Evolution Soccer (aka PES):  having enjoyed countless hours of this game on both Playstation and Playstation 2, I can’t say I have played it more than once on my Wii. Since this was not the first Wii-berration I found, I was worried about it even before loading it on my console. Poor me, I was only worried about the lack of buttons, but a wiimote has 7 buttons plus 2 more on the Nunchuck, while Playstation had 10 buttons. Unfortunately, you can’t use Wii’s 8 buttons with just 2 hands, so it’s reduced to 4-5 with 2 directional crosses. In the end, I thought that an acceptable adaptation was possible. However, if you use these buttons you wouldn’t be using Wii’s superb motion engine
Solution: you need to point at the screen where you want to pass. You can see a sample below… but don’t get it wrong, these controls are awful.
Conclusion: this game can’t be called PES any more. It doesn’t deserve it.

Virtua Tennis 2009: This is my second favourite Wii-berration. In this case, I’m using Virtua  Tennis just for its saga history and the playability it had (notice I said HAD) as an arcade simulator of tennis; but this explanation could be applied to any other racket sport in Wii, starting from the very beginning with Wii sports.
Just in case you’re not familiar with tennis video games on other consoles I’ll give you a few hints: you move your character with the directional pad, then press a button for striking and, while striking, direct your shoot with your directional pad. Easy as pie. On the Wii, you move your character with the directional pad, move your arm as if you were striking and, according to “when” you moved, the ball will go to one direction or the other. Though it’s intended to give users a enjoyable experience, traditional gamers will find this a paradigm of Wii-berration and tennis players will find it absurdly unrealistic. If we take Wii moves into reality, only parallel shots would actually cross the net.

Bust-a-move (aka puzzle bubble): Oh, my God!!! I could never imagine they could screw up this game too. If you don’t know Bust-a-move, it’s a game similar to tetris. You only need a directional pad and two buttons, nothing else. And yet, they screwed it up. They did actually broke this game so much they made me not want to play one of my top games from my late childhood.
Firstly, control is based on pointing the screen with the Wiimote rather than the directional pad. Just with this slight modification I’d say the game is broken, it doesn’t depend on your calculations or ability but on your speed on pointing. Second, but not least, the traditional mode has been turned into a single cooperative screen. Though my English is far from good, I assumed Versus as a synonim from “against”, but it doesn’t work like that in this case.

And now, a sample of the formula which granted bust-a-move a place among the big puzzle games from history… back from SNES time

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Physical Go Server – Igolocal

Written by alejo on September 15th, 2010

A few days ago I came across this site while checking Lifein19x19. The purpose of this site is to help Go players to find each other on real life rather than on virtual servers.

Though registering only takes one minute, I’d say it’s usefulness relies on the amount of players on your area. In my case, since there isn’t any other player within 100km, it’s a bit useless. However, if I hadn’t registered and someone on my neighbourhood joined the site, he wouldn’t be aware of my presence.

The more users joining the site, the more useful it’ll become. There are about 1700 users from around the world, but you may be lucky if you live in certain cities… specially in cities with Go clubs 😉

On the other hand, Go clubs may find in this site a nice management tool, but I still have to experience it.

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