Electronic go board

Written by alejo on December 10th, 2014
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Finally, someone has decided to actually build a realistic electronic go board (in Chinese). As you can see from its website, it seems to be ready for mass production and features most of the desired specs: usb connection, SGF recording, inboard clock, possibility to play through certain servers… The software includes thousands of tsumegos and you can play against an AI engine (up to 4 dan level). Rival moves are shown by lightning up the sections while playing online.


On its website you can see the board actually connecting to several internet servers and get some info on its specs. You may want, for example, to know its weight: 4 kg. However, it’s made of aluminium + PVC, so I wonder about the actual “touch and feel” of the product. Though this looks pretty much like we were always looking for, I’m still waiting for the head mounted device with augmented reality in order to play on my own single-piece wooden goban.



Thanks to NeilMoffatt for letting us know

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Go Seigen dies

Written by alejo on December 1st, 2014
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Rest in peace